yarn bombed bike
Yarning around Massachusetts - lets get some yarning done to create a fiber arts installation!
Yes, it is possible to make a granny square that does not look like something that […]
granny stitch
The battle for bookshelf space rages on every day in my office. There are a few […]
ellen wearing blue Atlantic Poncho on cover of cozy coastal nits
There are a lot of choices out there for the little things that make life a […]
At my book signing this weekend for Cozy Coastal Knits someone asked me what other books […]
three yarns held together for a more marled look
I was talking with a colleague in Europe who just could not understand why US knitters […]
No matter how hard we try and how many people review a document, there are always […]
lovely photo of ellen wearing the Atlantic poncho on the cover of cozy coastal knits
Book signings, video events this Summer for Cozy Coastal Knits
oyster creek mitts gap jeans jacket circa 1987 tank top and repurposed necklace
The fashion industry has a bad reputation for the incredibly large amount of waste it produces. We are to blame, we want cheap clothes that fall apart made in far off corners of the world we'd never want to see ourselves