yarn bombed bike
Yarning around Massachusetts - lets get some yarning done to create a fiber arts installation!
The reservations are made, the projects are chosen, and it’s time to let the fun begin […]
Yes, it is possible to make a granny square that does not look like something that […]
granny stitch
The battle for bookshelf space rages on every day in my office. There are a few […]
ellen wearing blue Atlantic Poncho on cover of cozy coastal nits
There are a lot of choices out there for the little things that make life a […]
At my book signing this weekend for Cozy Coastal Knits someone asked me what other books […]
three yarns held together for a more marled look
I was talking with a colleague in Europe who just could not understand why US knitters […]
No matter how hard we try and how many people review a document, there are always […]