Fiber Company Services

As a consultant I appreciate that your business is just that, a business. Sure, it’s the business of selling yarn but like any other company, you need to meet your corporate goals, not just turn out a few random skeins with a sweet story and hope that someone will buy them. Allow me the opportunity to help set measurable goals and objectives to entice your target market and increase sales. The yarn itself has a story, however it is the designers, social media presence and influencers who can make or break a brand. Let’s work together B2B to strengthen your B2C relationships and enhance your returns.

Yarn Store Services

The retail experience is constantly evolving. Keeping up with every aspect of maintaining a retail or on-line presence is exhausting. Allow me the opportunity to partner with you as you navigate your path using my time-tested methods for building engagement, finding new opportunities and building your brand awareness. The needs of a tactile industry like ours are different than commodity items like books and packaged goods. Your customers need to know how something feels, get a sense of what it will do to foster a sense of fulfillment in their lives and what they are missing without it. Let’s work together to boost your brand through classes, custom patterns, inventory management, and engagement.

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