Yes, it’s true, I broke down recently and bought a knitting machine. I was mildly intrigued […]
gradient sock weight shawl
I’m sure your calendars are already marked for the beginning of Chanukah and if you’re like me […]
craft industry alliance
Thought that title might get your attention. No cloak and dagger stuff, at least not today, […]
crochet linen stitch pattern
As you know, I stay home, a lot so there’s really not much call for a […]
gradient sock weight shawl
From time to time you need an easy to follow pattern that requires no thought beyond […]
Happy New Year, rest in pieces 2021 with your ugly sister 2020. Light the bonfire and […]
Dateline – 4 October 2021, where is everyone? Apparently it is not only possible, it’s true, […]
blue hat
There is a wonderful hidden gem on Green Street in Huntington, NY; The Knitting Garden. The […]
Summer in the city is the perfect time to crochet up a silk shawl to wear […]
Finally, a trade show for the fiber industry that is definitely going to happen! Backed by […]