granny stitch

The battle for bookshelf space rages on every day in my office. There are a few books I like for the creative processes within their pages and others I simply like to flip through because they are well written and make me laugh when I’ve had a rough day. They are all educational opportunities in their own right and I thought I’d share them with you here today in case you need a giggly little project to make you or someone else smile.

Crochet Creatures

Hands down, the critters in this book are absolutely adorable. The patterns are well written and the step by step photography is an impeccable addition get you through those more difficult bits of crochet wonder.

Edwards Menagerie

These are crocheted at a loose gauge compared to smaller more traditional amigurumi, they are more like plush toys you might have found on the shelves of FAO Schwartz or in the children’s department of a top end long gone department store like B’Altmans.

Edwards Menagerie Dogs

I’m a big fan of dogs and love flipping through this particular collection. Find your breed, make a pack, and just have fun. Life is too short to crochet things that do not bring you joy.


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