yarn bombed tree with logo

2024 has been a busy one for private lessons and hosted events thanks to my dedicated fans and the success of Cozy Coastal Knits. I don’t post private events here so if you do want to schedule one or attend one, fill out my contact sheet here: https://firstbytedesigns.com/contact/

There are a few public programs and I want to make sure everyone knows they are invited so I will post them here as they are scheduled and try my best to remove them after they happen:

June 1 – 2: The Common, Wrentham, MA come visit the yarn bombing installation for Arts on the Common

June 3 – The Common, Wrentham, MA 10:00am we will take down the yarn bombing installation on the common and decide where it will go next, rumor has it, it’s not going very far at all!

July 22 – The Common, Boxford, MA 10am we’re going to get started on our first town yarn bombing. This one will be a fun one because it will move around town for the summer. It’s first stop, Summerfest

August 12 – City Hall, Chicopee MA 9:30am we’ll be getting together on the green there to decorate the trees in front of City Hall, come on down and give us a hand. The official kick off ribbon cutting will be at 4pm

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