mug and work in process
During the summertime when thoughts turn to outdoor activities with the family might not be the […]
There’s something exciting in the works from our friends at Rowan – a two day program […]
red yarn needles
I’ve been teaching from my office since March of 2020. It’s a challenge, but well worth […]
It’s the first Tuesday of September and that means it’s time to get started on a […]
folded over elm bark scarf
Got your eye now don’t I? Yes, this is a new pattern release, you can check […]
plywood stitch markers
Today I got the strangest request, someone asked to return a pattern they had downloaded, used […]
seated carribean tank
Fresh from the fashion boulevard at h+h Americas, I bring you the Caribbean Tank. I was […]
yarn cake hand dyed
All industry eyes were on Chicago last week as the first trade show for the soft […]
yellow yarn
With four pet rabbits running around like cats strung out on catnip, there’s always a bit […]
needle ball of yarn
I put off the purchase for a long time and finally gave in to temptation and […]