Yes, it is possible to make a granny square that does not look like something that should be pulped up and repurposed into car insolation! Your yarn choice is critical to the selection process when you are considering making a granny square. Choose a modern, fresh, or classic color that won’t be recognizable as something nostalgic unless that’s the vibe you want for a mid century modern vibe of course. It’s your fiber art, make your own choices.

There are a lot of good books available these days on the topic of crocheting granny squares. Traditionalisits will balk that these newcomers are not granny squares at all when in fact, there is no trade marked definition nor other unwritten rule about what a granny square is so consider what makes a granny square a granny square rather than just another piece of fiber art.

In general, a granny square is …

worked in the round from the center out towards the edges

worked with the right side facing

incorporates cluster stitches or another pattern which repeats itself throughout the square

Don’t forget one more thing, a granny square need not be a four sided polygon with equilateral sides.

So, let the fun begin with a new project on the hook and new squares or not squares in your project bag. Here are my top picks for inspirational granny square and granny square inspired motifs.



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