At my book signing this weekend for Cozy Coastal Knits someone asked me what other books I have written, good question, don’t you agree? While I have not written an entire book before Cozy Coastal Knits my work has appeared in other books, and here they are:

For the crochet crowd, check out my two patterns in the upcoming book, one is a cowl and the other is a sweater. Yes in case you are wondering, it takes a LONG time for a design to go from sketch pad to finished object and onto a book, notice I was still dyeing my hair when I finished the sample crochet project….

60 Quick Crochet Projects for Beginners

And for the knitters in the crowd, there are a two others too:

60 Quick Cotton Knits In this one you’ll find a pair of cabled mitts I designed

And who can forget the pillows I designed for this collection from Noro to celebrate 30 years of Kureyon? These were so popular they are making a guest appearance in the Fall 2023 Noro Magazine

Noro Kureyon: 30th Anniversary Collection

All book covers are from Amazon(C)
All three books are published by Sixth and Spring, the Country Pillow photo is from them, I cannot find mine right now, it was more important to answer Gina’s question than keep sifting through my photo archives to find the one I took.(C)



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