No matter how hard we try and how many people review a document, there are always disagreements about how something should be worded, the colors used, and text itself. So, with this in mind, as people let me know about questions on the patterns in Cozy Coastal Knits or errors are found in the patterns, I will check my original galley copy and add errata updates here so everyone can get access to them. I will also add clarifications when people ask questions about a pattern so as you read through, you might notice there are not corrections per se, just information to clarify.

Delaware River Mitts

Round 10: Repeat round 6 …. not 5

Oyster Creek Mitts
Row 6: …. to 2 sts from end… not 3
Decrease Row 5: … * drop p down 5 rows, knit 5th down, k3, rep from * to last 5 sts, drop p down 5 rows, knit 5th down, k2, k2tog

Cold Spring Harbor Hooded Shawl
The pattern itself presents notes on marker colors, “pm (color A)” for instance is not yarn color A, it’s the marker. In the Pattern Notes, the fifth note in the list explains this. Yes, I could have clarified it further in the Notions section by saying “2 locking stitch markers color A ,2 locking stitch markers color B” rather than “4 locking stitch markers” to reinforce the information in the Pattern Notes.

Rows 32-51:…. after row 51. Not row 5

Santa Monica Tank Top
The pattern itself is correct, there is a typographical error in the Special Stitches section, it should be sl2 its to cable needle, hold in front, k2, k2 from cable needle. This is correct in the abbreviations section of the book at the beginning of the book. Not even sure why it was added in the Special Stitches section of the pattern itself, confusing, don’t you think?

Oyster Bay Skirt
There should be additional markers inserted after Please Increase Round 6 right after the M1p, so it should read “… M1p, pm, repeat from *…. These markers will help align the hem stitches.

Key West Shrimper Hat

The Woman’s Decrease Round “*Knit in pattern to 4 stitches …” not “*Knit to 4 stitches…” The Men’s Decrease Round is correct.



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