The reservations are made, the projects are chosen, and it’s time to let the fun begin as we gather in Chicago for H+H Americas. The classic questions are always:

“Did you make that?”

“What yarn is that?”

“Is there a pattern for that one?”

“Where’s the bar?”

Ok I added that last one just to see if you’re listening.

My runway model will be sporting a new look for the office and my mannequins will be doing their casual best to remain true to their Cozy Coastal Knitting lifestyle. In the book there are looks to suit from boardroom to fireside with friends. Pick up a copy today and see for yourself. Today though just enjoy the show and learn a little more about what my model and mannequins are wearing….

blue newport clambake with coordinated scarf
Walk confidently through your day in a beautiful blend of colors

Newport Clambake Poncho from the pages of Cozy Coastal Knits – Featuring two coordinated color ways, one tonal and one spreckled elevate your sock or fingering weight yarn from sock status to top layer as a poncho.

East Bay Bicycle Path Shawl from the pages of Cozy Coastal Knits – Reimagined as a 400yard scarf this shawl pattern knits up quickly to top the coordinated poncho. Using a dropped stitch motif gives the yarn a chance to pop and show off all the artistic depth of the speckled yarn and tonal yarn with which it is partnered.

Newport Clambake Poncho
The Newport Clambake Poncho is a light weight layer to top your favorite tank when the sun starts to drop below the horizon and the party really begins.
East Bay Bicycle Path Shawl
The original East Bay Bicycle Path Shawl shown here in 900 yards of hand painted recycled silk yarn this side to side shawl is a luxurious addition to your beach wardrobe. Use less yardage like I did for the H+H Americas version above and you’ll have a shorter version or even a scarf to top a favorite outfit.

Universal Yarn has been a part of the success of First Byte Designs since 2008. Today we’re showing off the beautiful long color runs with Colorburst and a coordinated single color of Worsted Deluxe Superwash to help the Colorburst pop. Add in a crocheted Peachy Keen scarf, pair of Delaware River Mitts, Key West Shrimper Hat and an extra Nauset Beach Bandana just in case for the perfectly coordinated tote full of yarnie goodness. See the full lineup in Cozy Coastal Knits.

universal yarn vireo color burst worsted deluxe superwash

Here are a few more photos of the pieces on this mannequin from the pages of Cozy Coastal Knits:

Whether coming or going this poncho looks great from all angles



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