seated carribean tank

Fresh from the fashion boulevard at h+h Americas, I bring you the Caribbean Tank. I was honored to have it on display this year and thank everyone who made it possible for it to be there at the inaugural h+h Americas trade show for the soft crafts. I must thank the team at Universal Yarn for their support from the day it was cast on in Universal Yarn Bamboo Pop, to the day it was on display and styled with one of those deliciously beautiful muud bags they distribute in the US. I am not sure which was more soft and subtle, the bamboo pop top or the cross body bag.

h+h Americas was a busy few days, I did take the time to visit my mannequin and refresh the business cards in her bag a few times, so thank you to those who took a card, don’t be a stranger, drop me a note, I’d love to hear from you. So without further delay, here are a couple of photos featuring my mannequin wearing the Caribbean Tank. It seemed fitting to also take a photo in front of it with an editor from the first magazine to ever publish my work, Nicola Prybell from Prime Publishing, one of the show sponsors. More later as I continue to unpack. For now, if you want to make your own top, I just updated the pattern with some new photos from our latest photo shoot.



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