It’s the first Tuesday of September and that means it’s time to get started on a new project, this month we’re knitting along to make Christmas stockings. The first hurdle, a stab at Judy’s Magic Cast On which frankly, I never remember and as of today haven’t found much in the way of a good way to remember it. So, with a bit of humor in mind, some of my students and I came up with a good solution – blue painters tape. Yup, that stuff at Home Depot, it’s perfect for putting a few reminders on your fingers as you work this cast on – why bother trying to manage holding a book open or your iPad balanced in your lap? Kick it old school, write it down, with a real pen, you remember those, right? You’ll have to take a look at our clip from class in my Instagram reels to see more….

And if you want a copy of my cheat sheet, drop me a note in the “Contact” form on my web site to be added to my newsletter. I will include it there this month.



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