gradient sock weight shawl

From time to time you need an easy to follow pattern that requires no thought beyond what kind of tea to brew or cocktail to mix. The Gradient Beach Shawl is one of those timeless classic patterns which I find myself keeping on the hook for quiet evenings as the sun sets over the bow of the boat.

This past weekend I was finishing up a large project I knit for a customer and found myself with 100g of sock yarn which needed to get out of the project bag and onto the hook. So, I chained five and got to work on a project I think you will like. Whether you have a set of matched sock yarns you just don’t want to banish to sock life or some random left over fingering weight yarn from your latest shawl, this pattern is a good one to get that yarn out and crochet it to create something useful. The original Gradient Beach Shawl pattern was developed for a slick cotton/viscose blend. My latest version has been modified to suit the more sticky character of sock yarn by adding a chain stitch to the end of every row and around the center, nothing major, just a few modifications so if you’ve already purchased the Gradient Beach Shawl, I’m happy to share the changes. If you haven’t, not to worry, this one is up on my web site too;



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