crochet linen stitch pattern

As you know, I stay home, a lot so there’s really not much call for a mask unless I want to scare the rabbits or the mail man. Even curbside pickups are contactless these days so in general, I don’t wear one regularly which put them in the back of my mind until this morning. Today while brainstorming with a client on her holiday gifts for her favorite customers, we came up with an idea – knit patterned masks for her to give out at the shop’s holiday party. Never one to leave out my crocheting buddies, I designed one myself, for the happy hookers among us. It was fun to pick and choose from a wide variety of snap shots on my phone to find something colorful, next up I might try making a puzzle. After all, I cannot give my client the same type of gift she is giving her customers, I have to be a little bit creative in my gifting. What do we think? Would a pattern puzzle be fun to put together then knit? While you think on that, here’s a link to the face masks, have a look and pick up your hook!,855971430

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