Noro Fireworks Shawl and Crocus Shawl – Crochet Pattern Set


When you need a pop of color look no further than the shelves of Noro at your favorite local yarn store to provide the perfect base to build a shawl or two.  Written with ease of crocheting in mind for those times when you just need a project that requires no counting, choose between these simple, fun projects to bring along on stitch night at your favorite coffee shop or for a weekend binge watching Netflix.


Fireworks Shawl:

A simple to crochet shawl which can be made from a single skein of Noro Enka.  As written, two shawls can be made from one skein.  If preferred, one can easily make a larger shawl by simply increasing the number of stitches in the repeat before adding the edging.

Yarn: Noro Enka (50% Cotton/ 20% Silk/ 15% Wool/ 15% Polyamide), Color Kagoshima 02
Hook: US Size G
Size: 34”/54cn wingspan x 17/43cm at widest point

Crocus Shawl:

Those precious skeins of Noro Silk Garden sitting in your project bag just waiting to spring out and become something fantastic, today’s their day to shine.  Crocheted sideways the stripes present in a flattering vertical array of color to take an outfit to the next level of texture and visual interest.  Imagine engulfing yourself in a plush woolen hug on a cool Spring morning as your walk takes you past beds of crocuses and the few early blooming lilacs that grace the garden path.

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Solo (45% Silk/ 45% Mohair/ 10% Wool 110m per 50g skein), Colors (MC) Plum 4 skeins and (CC) Lavender 2 skeins
Hook: US Size I
Size: 52” wingspan x 24” deep

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