Online Learning – Stash Busting Consultation


Who you gonna call? Stashbuster!


Need a little help with yarn substitutions and stash busting? Let’s do it together.  You can send it to me and I will work through it for an agreed upon number of hours or we can set up a video conference to review your current yarn situation together.  Whether your goal is to find a new home for your yarn, new projects to tackle or simply some help organizing what you have, I am here to help.

Relying upon the idea that no good yarn should sit idle we will work through your yarn to determine what makes the most sense for each precious skein.  It’s amazing what accumulates over time and as we grow as fiber artists our need for a particular fiber evolves as we perfect our craft.  Eventually, it catches up to us and we have to make some choices, hard choices about yarn best made with the aid of a professional to organize and tackle the task at hand.


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