Ivory Tank Top

As the weather starts to warm up it can be tough to maintain ones motivation for warm woolen knitwear so rather than fight it, give into the change of seasons and try something new. There are a lot of exciting linen, cotton, bamboo, silk and viscose blends available at your local yarn store and from your favorite on line resellers so take a break from spreckled hand painted superwash wool, expand your materials list to include something new. I know change is hard, but yarn is soft. This week I found myself in central Maryland, the temperature was over 90 degrees and still the yarn store was abuzz with activity.

So, let’s explore a couple options, together, for warm weather knitting, starting with a piece to wear out on those long summer nights when the moon doesn’t make its appearance until well after 8:00pm. Gather the last bits of light around you in a rayon tank top like my Ivory tank designed to take full advantage of the flexibility and luster of Blue Heron Rayon Metallic. Be the light around the bonfire as the light flickers softly off this lovely yarn.

Prefer something a little less form fitted? There’s a solution for that too, the Pacific Poncho, same yarn, similar effect as the light reflects off the yarn as it undulates through a series of small cables added with the sole purpose of reflecting those last few rays of sun as it sets over the Pacific near my favorite spot near Coronado as the waves lap along the shore. Love to get your toes wet in the surf? That’s ok, this yarn is machine washable so don’t be afraid to get out, enjoy its beautiful hand as you enjoy the world around us. After all we’ve been through this past year, you deserve it.

Ok now off you go to the yarn shop or for a stash dive to find those skeins of summer yarn and cast on something spectacular just for you.


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