It’s that time of year, time to get everything off the shelves, dust every corner and yes, set up your knitting projects for the next few months. I’m often asked how I manage to keep my office organized and photo-ready for Zoom. The secret is to curate a collection of items and store the rest in a place that is accessible but not in direct view. For those items requiring ready access, be innovative about how and where they go. All those odd service pieces I don’t need to use every day like punch bowls, vases, tea pots, and candle chimneys are the perfect spots for a few random skeins or small project. Best of all, when someone does happen by for coffee, rare I know, thankfully becoming more often now, there is never a pile of stuff in the way.

It’s not a perfect solution, it does keep the peace in the house and keep my pieces together. So, while you are dusting the punch bowls, polishing the silver or what ever tasks you do as part of your Spring Cleaning, think about how you can integrate your project storage into a few new spots. Your work in process doesn’t deserved to be smashed up in a tote bag in the back of your closet, no need to leave a pile in the corner of the den, you know there’s a vase in your house somewhere that would be perfect for a few skeins.



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