We’ve all been told to do just that, did you know there’s actually a reason to do so? I didn’t, and I am not giving away all the secrets on why but rest assured, your mom, dad, teachers, whom ever said posture matters, was in fact right. I’ve been thinking a lot on posture and presentation as I sit here a year into lockdown wondering who else still bothers to get up, get dressed, put on makeup and go to work just steps from the rest of their lives at home. It can be challenging. The worst part of it day to day? Buying makeup on line, believe me, not easy, nail polish too.

To help make the most of all these extra hours spent not commuting I find myself doing a lot more leisure knitting and crochet. It’s the perfect time to relax, reflect and yes, sit up straight. If like me you are curious how to keep yourself aligned, pick up a copy of Carson Demers’ book, Knitting Comfortably. Equally informative for knitters and crocheters who may need advice on how to sit and stitch in comfort.





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