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sponsor a skein black superwash worsted weight yarn

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I am humbled by the support I  have received for the IDF soldiers hat program and I am truly touched by the number of hats which my community of knitters has produced.

Now it’s time to resupply our knitters and reach out to find more so lets do this together for them to continue their good work…

Sponsor a skein of yarn and when we get to a full bag, 10 skeins, I’ll order a bag and ship it to a charitable group which requested it.

Follow me on Instagram and on my Facebook page for updates on where the yarn goes.

If you are a 501c3 non-profit and need yarn for making hats, please reach out and I will add you to our sponsor circle. No promises, but we’ll continue to  work hard to raise the money to buy the yarn you need.


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