Silk Trio to Crochet – Collection featuring Darn Good Yarn – Crochet Pattern Set


Crochet yourself a little happiness over a grey weekend by turning that rain into a rainbow of colorful fun to wear the moment the weather breaks!


A trio of silk accessories crocheted using ecologically sourced recycled silk yarn from the creative artisans at Darn Good Yarn.


Rainbow Bandana/Shawl:
You asked for a crochet way to use the irresistible sport weight recycled  twisted silk, so here is my suggestion – it’s simply too beautiful to sit on the sofa or line a hat so crochet it up this weekend into a wearable piece of artwork as a shawl.  Crocheted from one corner to the other a gentle curve will develop along one side of the triangle to make this three sided polygon simply perfect to drape around your neck. Wear it front and center under a jacket or off to one side as a splash of color over your favorite tank top.  It’s your art, incorporate it into your life as you feel fits.  Have a single cake? That’s ok too, no need to make it three, use what you have, see where it goes.

Yarn:  Darn Good Yarn Twist Sport Weight Silk, 3 cakes Twisted Rainbow
Notions/Hook:  Tapestry needle, US G Hook
Size: 53” wingspan x 24” depth at apex

Alternative Yarn Suggestions: Twisted Sport Weight Silk is a two ply yarn consisting of long runs of vibrant colors. It is a very smooth yarn consistent in thickness throughout each skein. The silk provides a wonderful sheen to the finished garment which catches the light. A suitable substitute would be another recycled silk product from Darn Good Yarn or for a slightly different look, a rayon plied yarn like Blue Heron Rayon Metallic. The tonal skeins will provide less visual interest than one of the space dyed versions, all of which can be seen on their web site:

Cheery Cowl:

The Darn Good Yarn of the Month for May brought these three skeins of happiness to my mailbox yesterday and yes, I just had to share them immediately. The yarn itself is too pretty to sit on the shelf, it must be enjoyed. I hope you enjoy this crocheted cowl.  Worked in the round using a US size K hook it’s a quick one direct from skein to wearable art.

Yarn: Darn Good Yarn Worsted Silk Roving (100% recycled silk; 75 yds/50 g) 3 cakes
Hook: US Size K/6.5 mm

Spring Fever Cowl:
This yarn was on my shelf in a glass bowl for a few weeks just waiting for the right hook and stitch combination to come to it. After a bit of testing and fiddling I just unwound it, put it through a scarf loop and wore it for a day. It was warm and the colors made me happy so I decided it had to become a cowl.

Using a simple stitch repeat the cowl came together nicely and serves the dual purpose of adding some cheer to my morning walks and a splash of color against my running gear when I run with the dog. In short, the perfect little accessory to bring some joy to a drab morning. I hope you find it to be as much fun to wear as to make.

So take a seat, relax, enjoy a quick project perfect for gifting or just for yourself.

Materials: Darn Good Yarn Worsted Silk Roving (100% recycled silk; 75 yds/50 g) 1 cake
Hook : US Size I/5.5 mm

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