Cozy Coastal Knits


You don’t have to knit to appreciate this book and the photos herein. Enjoy the lifestyle of living by the coast, think about your vacations as you flip through the pages, indulge your imagination. You deserve a break from the routine, I even made sure there was room for you to write a few of your own memories into the margins so come along with me as we enjoy exploring the world around us.


Channel the coastal vibe all year long!

Whether you live by the sea, visit once a year, or only get as far as your local lake, if you love the vibe of carefree coastal living, this collection of knits is for you. From the knitting to the wearing, each of the 21 pieces is designed to relax and bring comfort. Enjoy your knitting in the company of friends around the firepit or with your toes in the sand. All designs are beginner to intermediate level and you’ll find just the right amount of complexity for interesting yet stress-free knitting.

When it’s time to wear your knits, you’ll have a collection built for laid-back luxury: cozy shawls, sweaters, and ponchos perfect for throwing over a tank top when there’s a cool breeze, a skirt for casual dress-up, and warm hats, mitts, and cowls for chilly evenings. Knit in your favorite yarns and colors to make your new go-to, beach-life wardrobe!

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Love the photos? Me too, the modeled photos are (C) Gale Zucker, the others I took.



Cozy Coastal Knits is a pattern and how to book all rolled into one big treat for the fiber artist. Whether you have been knitting forever or just getting started you need this book in your collection. There is so much detail that goes into the equipment and technique of knitting in this book. I was reminded of the things I take a bit for granted like the importance of swatching in the round or the difference between needle sizing across brands. Rosann gently and very clearly guides you along an idyllic coastal journey with her creative designs. I could smell the sea air and feel the cool waterside breeze just looking at these pieces. These will make the most useful and appreciated pieces for friends, family and especially for yourself. There is something to be said for patterns like the San Francisco Cabled Cowl or Atlantic Poncho that are so simple you can work them on the same seaside where you will wear them- maybe on the same trip.

Coazy Coastal Knits is truly a gift you can give yourself to share.
Sally A. Moore
Parker Avenue Knits
Detroit, Michigan


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