Dateline – 4 October 2021, where is everyone?

Apparently it is not only possible, it’s true, Facebook and Instagram are D.O.W.N. So today instead of posting on Instagram or Facebook, here I sit at my desk with so much to tell you, I hope you have a minute to read the whole message. First things first, this coming weekend my dear friend, Gina Carlson, of the Yarnaholic Store in LosAngeles are going to debut our new concept – Crochet Coast 2 Coast at Vogue Knitting Live. Yes, we’re rebels, debuting a crochet collaboration smack dab in the middle of an event set up for knitters by knitters. Stop by and see how we do, we’re on Saturday and Sunday at 2:00pm both day. We could use some friendly friends of the hooking craft to attend.

Why are we doing this? We both have a keen interest in updating the image of crochet as an art form for all ages to engage with on a regular basis, not just to make the requisite, pardon my language, “granny square”, or two. We’re exploring how to use new yarns to reimagine time tested patterns, how to use crochet fabric as an extension of your fiber repertoire, where to go for inspiration and how to take your crochet up a notch to something new and exciting. Our first collaboration will debut on Friday, a sneak peak of course just for you is an order before that so, read on….

As you know, while the world was closed, I took a class called the Vogue Knitting LaunchPad. When I was asked to create a crochet pattern to compliment a concept for a collection featuring the work of some of the Vogue Knitting LaunchPad alumnae (before you start berating me for the use of the term “alumnae” it’s accurate in this case as there have not been any men in the program, yet) I searched long and hard for the right yarn and engaging way to use it. There are a lot of hand dyed yarns out there from which I could choose. I wanted to use a yarn I felt good about, not just a random one off from the sale bin, it had to be special. Gina and I spent hours in our Canva workspace swapping ideas back and forth. Finally we found a kindred spirit in Terri Haynes who totally nailed our concept with her color ways,

In an effort to entice new crocheters to our vision board we went with a worsted weigh wool to make the stitches fly from hook to finished product in enough time for all your fall fiber festivities. We know you’re just itching to get out and show off your latest creations as you do your yarn shopping for holiday gifting!

My design concept focused on the elm tree outside my studio window and the beautiful array of wild flowers intertwined with the hydrangea beneath it. Knowing we all need a good project for giving that special man or men in our lives I went with a tonal grey Terri calls Jeans. The skeins have their own subtle tonal transitions which perfectly as the piece grows from the ground up, literally.

Elm Tree Collar and Scarf featuring the delicate tonal balance of @ Haynes House Jean Worsted Weight super wash wool.

The scarf takes 4 skeins but can easily be modified to suit a smaller amount of yarn should your recipient be in need of a shorter or narrower version than I created for my hubby, don’t tell him, it’s a surprise for Christmas.

When I showed Gina how it was going she asked about making it into a collar to top off her Flowers, Skies Forest Oh My Poncho which of course was the perfect opportunity to order more yarn from Terri to create a women’s version of the same scarf. By turning the motif to work horizontally across the bodice the subtle cables evoke a sense of field of wildflowers growing through the sturdy elm tree canopy as it rises skyward. I cannot give it all away quite yet, you’ll have to wait until Friday, but here’s a sneak peak of the collar as a work in process.

Turning the cables 90 degrees to evoke the sense of a canopy of wildflowers the colors gracing in the worsted color way
I Heart Community, a color way I am aching to use again, maybe as a cowl for those of us who tend to lose scarf pins.

Well time to get going on a new cotton creation. Even though it’s getting colder here in Massachusetts, it’s still sunny in Los Angeles where Gina will be exclusively featuring a crochet pattern I am working on for the chef in your life. Stay tuned and be well! Hook on my friends!


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