gradient sock weight shawl

I’m sure your calendars are already marked for the beginning of Chanukah¬†and if you’re like me the Advent as well. So, add one more thing to the first full day of both; log into my crochet along with Gina Carlson of the Yarnaholic as we begin our new journey Crochet Coast 2 Coast. We will meet for four weeks, starting November 29th and running through December 20th at 6pm Eastern and again at 6pm Pacific to crochet together a nice simple pattern using a few of our favorite yarns. I cannot think of a better way to kick off the holiday season than with a relaxing evening with friends crocheting, granted it would be better to all meet up together in person in front of the fireplace making s’mores as we stitch but it’s a really long drive to break graham crackers for Gina and me, so we thought we’d give this a try instead.

So, grab your project bag, favorite holiday drink, and make a little time to make something for yourself this holiday season. Gina has been working on some fabulous color combinations if you need yarn for the project, otherwise, do a stash dive and see what you find, you might surprise yourself with what’s in the bottom of the stash bag!

gradient sock weight shawl
A quick crochet project using just one package of sock yarn or 400 yards of light weight yarn



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